Kanye Drops 'FACTS' About Nike, Bill Cosby, Drake, Steve Harvey, Couches, & Kimojis

On New Year’s Eve, in keeping with annual tradition, Kanye West premiered a new song called “FACTS.” Actually, technically, Kim premiered it:


Anyway, “FACTS,” produced by Metro Boomin and Southside, contains a lil’ F U to Drake, his musical competitor (“Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman”), followed by a big F U to Nike, his shoe competitor (“Nike, Nike treat employees just like slaves”).

The track also references his future job as President of the United States (“2020, Ima run the whole election”), Kim’s emoji line (“Plus Kimoji just shut down the app store / and we made a million a minute, a million a minute”), Bill Cosby and Steve Harvey (“Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? / Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey?”), and couches (“Couches, couches, couches, couches, which one should I pick?”).


Kanye’s highly anticipated fourth album, Swish, has not been given a release date yet.

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Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

This song is trash!!! If you’re gonna piggyback a hit like “Jumpman” you gotta try a little harder than some phoned-in freestyle.