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If you, like me, looked into flying to London to attend “Before the Dawn”—Kate Bush’s first live concert since 1979—in 2014, only to discover that tickets sold out in minutes and were being sold by scalpers for $1000, take heart! There might still be a way for you to experience the show.


NME reports that Bush will release a live concert album “taken from the singer’s 22-show run at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2014.” It is being sold as a 3CD/4LP collection (each disk with a different theme) and includes 29 songs.

The first section, titled “Act One,” is a seven-song set of featuring many of her career hits (like “Hounds Of Love” and “Running Up That Hill”), “Act Two” comprises of songs from the B side of her landmark album Hounds of Love, and “Act Three” is entirely derived from the B side of 2005's Aerial.

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The track list (via Fact Magazine) is as follows:

01. ‘Lily’

02. ‘Hounds Of Love’

03. ‘Joanni’

04. ‘Top Of The City’

05. ‘Never Be Mine’

06. ‘Running Up That Hill’

07. ‘King Of The Mountain’

08. ‘The Astronomer’s Call’

09. ‘And Dream Of Sheep’

10. ‘Under Ice’

11. ‘Waking The Witch’

12. ‘Watching Them Without Her’

13. ‘Watching You Without Me’

14. ‘Little Light’

15. ‘Jig Of Life’

16. ‘Hello Earth’

17. ‘This Morning Fog’

18. ‘Prelude’

19. ‘Prologue’

20. ‘An Architect’s Dream’

21. ‘The Painter’s Link’

22. ‘Sunset’

23. ‘Aerial Tal’

24. ‘Somewhere In Between’

25. ‘Tawny Moon’

26. ‘Nocturn’

27. ‘Aerial’

28. ‘Among Angels’

29. ‘Cloudbusting’

(You can listen to the gorgeous lush prologue on Pitchfork.)

Before the Dawn is not being promoted as a Kate Bush album, but as product of the The KT Fellowship. It will be released November 25.

Now all they have to do is release the concert footage and it will almost be like we were there.

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