As one of the most recognizable fashion models of all time, you’d think Kate Moss would act in the extreme—feisty like Naomi Campbell, or going the opposite direction and being a meditative, calming force like Christy Turlington. In this new ShowStudio interview with Nick Knight, though, she proves to be neither.


As she discusses her ascent from a knock-kneed teenager from Croydon to a world-famous model who lived with Johnny Depp and was sent limos to fetch her for shoots, you get the feeling she’s almost the exact same as she’s always been—the waify ragamuffin who stays up too late partying and loves a good time. On Mario Sorrenti, her photographer boyfriend at the time of the Calvin Klein Obsession shoots, she says, “It was obsession; I’d wake up in the morning and he’d be taking pictures of me, I’d be like ‘Fuck off!’” She attributes the regular-girl qualities she’s maintained to her upbringing in South London. “If you get above your station,” she says, “somebody will knock you down.”

Also, I could listen to her Croydon accent all the livelong day.

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