Kate Moss Interpretive Dances With a Lantern In New Massive Attack Video

It’s already been a banner year for supermodels in music videos—Naomi Campbell for Anohni and, to a far lesser degree, instagal Gigi Hadid for Zayn Malik—but 1992, not to be outdone, comes roaring back with a brand new Massive Attack video featuring longtime friend Kate Moss. Kate!

The track, a sort of Burial-style sustained bass wobble, casts Moss as a kind of graceful miner, a renegade in the tunnels who wants nothing to do with digging for diamonds and everything to do with interpretive dancing in a leotard with her mining hat. Beyond that, its subtext is how seriously music and fashion have overlapped in the past two years, more dependent, and interdependent, on each other than ever; Moss, of course, is the queen of this, a muse never more than arm’s length from music culture, so much that she’s even got a murderer’s row of rocker exes and married The Kills’ Jamie Hince.

In a press release, via Pitchfork, Moss said, “I have always been a huge fan of Massive Attack and [Massive Attack co-founder] 3D has been a friend for many years. When he asked me to collaborate with him I didn’t have to think twice. I always thought their visuals were amazing and I was proud to be in this video.”



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Michael A. Diaz

As a fan I’m clearly biased, but Massive Attack is really killing it with the tracks and videos from this new EP. I haven’t been this excited about them since MEZZANINE.