Katy Perry’s music video for her wake-up-sheeple! single “Chained to the Rhythm” has all the candy-colored markings of a Katy Perry video and takes place in an amusement park called Oblivia that’s designed to be a false utopia of thrills. (America is the metaphor, you see, and some white Americans have realized it’s not as great as they thought.)

Let’s take a look around.

That’s “America.”

And Katy Perry is a mixture of Jane and Judy Jetson.


This is supposed to be “the greatest ride in the universe.” America is supposed to be “the greatest.”

But is it?


Is it........??

No it’s not. Look at these houses dangling like broken dreams.


Look at all the oblivious people. It’s like they’re enjoying life when suddenly...

They’re thrown...


Suddenly, some of them start to realize what’s really going on here.

They’re seeing life in 3D. It’s becoming clear.


Skip Marley still has to explain it a bit, though.

He’s tired of doing that but he’s the messenger.


Katy is starting to see. This is the awakening. We’ve been living in bubbles.

She’s almost there.... Is this... what it means to be....?


Wait, this isn’t utopia!

And now she gets it.