It's 1999 Again In Kelela's Video for 'LMK'

Remember in the late ’90s and early 2000s when every music video seemed like it took place in one room that looked like some space-age, underground bunker?


There was Jamiroquai walking the walls in “Virtual Insanity” and eurodance groups like ATC performing in some weird grid-filled structure. Aaliyah asked if you were that somebody from inside of a cave and Destiny’s Child once lounged in a moving, Ikea prison. To this day TLC’s “No Scrubs” makes me claustrophobic.

But Kelela doesn’t seem to mind small spaces! Her video for “LMK” is giving me early ’00s vibes as she dances through multi-colored, foggy corridor-like spaces. She also changes outfits and wigs with each new entrance seamlessly, proving that Kelela is one of the few people who looks good in the exact flippy bob Jezebel’s own Megan Reynolds wishes would go away forever.


Does this means the 2000s are back? Or just the music videos in which are precious artists are trapped in sci-fi closets? Either way, I refuse the comeback in general but will make an exception for Kelela’s “LMK.”

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Not sure if it falls within this trend, but I love this song.