Kelly Rowland's Making a TV Show About the Hunt for the Next Destiny's Child

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Like TLC before her, Kelly Rowland is planning to create a new girl group in the shadow of her Destiny’s Child fame with a new documentary series on BET called Chasing Destiny.


Combing through cities like New York, Atlanta, New Orleans and Los Angeles, Rowland and choreographer Frank Gatson have been auditioning hopeful new talent, according to ABC News. And unlike when Destiny’s Child debuted in 1998, there isn’t nearly as much girl group competition these days, outside of Fifth Harmony and the UK’s Little Mix.

“When Destiny’s Child was around I remember there was Xscape, there was SWV, there was En Vogue, there was the Cheetah Girls,” she said. “There were all these different types of groups, and these different types of girls groups, and there’s just one (now) — you’re kidding me? Like, get out of here. It should definitely be more.”


This process, presumably, is a nice walk down memory lane for Rowland:

“It takes me back to those days when we were grinding and being molded,” said Rowland, who will release a solo album next year. “I think this is the most beautiful moments. The fun part is getting to know these girls (and) being able to share my stories.”

This is the most beautiful moments, indeed.

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Frank Gatson and Kelly Rowland in New Orleans, Image via Getty.


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Kelly No. Don’t do this.

I know you had to live in that shadow of light skin and blonde weave and bad management. So maybe no one ever realized your true potential. Your voice is like honey and silk and you always come off as cool and effortless AND THAT IS NOT SOMETHING EVERYONE CAN DO! So please do not make this bad brand/ marketing decision of doing a reality piece.