On Monday night, Kendrick Lamar performed a medley from his Grammy Award winning album To Pimp A Butterfly, including “Blacker The Berry” and “Alright,” demonstrating what a show from an artist with vision should look like.

Lamar’s set opened with a gaggle of black men in jail uniforms and behind bars during “Blacker The Berry,” possibly highlighting the prison industrial complex, before transitioning to a moving drum circle.

Dancing to another stage, he was flanked by a bonfire and a bevy of dancers as he broke into “Alright.” There was a saxophone solo, neon body paint, traditional African dance, pyrotechnics, spoken word and a giant picture of Africa with the word “Compton,” his hometown, stamped in the middle. The visuals alone were overwhelming, and viewers didn’t seem to be able to talk while it was happening: the cameras kept panning to the gobsmacked audience.


With each album and each show, Lamar continues to prove that he’s best rapper of his generation and we’re all lucky enough to witness his artistry in his prime.

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Contact the author at Hillary@jezebel.com.