Kesha Keeps Exorcising Her Demons Through New Music

Kesha has already released three singles this month leading up to her long-awaited album Rainbow out in August, each of them transparently inspired by the trials and tribulations of fighting Dr. Luke and her label Kemosabe in court.


The latest, “Learn To Let Go,” is the most carefree, uplifting song we’ve heard from her after the emotional ballad “Praying” and theatrical, brassy track “Woman.” “I think it’s time to practice what I preach,” she sings, decked out in a baby blue suit that fits in perfectly with her newfound Graham Parsons-inspired look. “Exorcise the demons inside me.” The song has that same, stomp-percussion and choral “whoa-oh-oh” of a lot of songs right now, which means it will probably be a massive hit.

In an essay for Huff Post, Kesha writes that she wrote “Learn to Let Go” with her mom Pebe Sebert and it was one of the first songs she wrote for Rainbow. “As much as our past creates who we are, we can’t let it define us or hold us back,” she writes about the song’s inspiration. “And especially if you’ve been through something hard, and we all have, you can’t hold on to resentment because it’s like a poison.”

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel


mother pussbucket - YOUR MOTHER

I wish I could say that I TOTALLY KNEW she was this talented when I fell in love with “Tik Tok,” but really I was just yearning for my college days and Animal really delivered.

I realized I unironically loved her when I saw the video for “Blow.” It’s too good.