Kesha to Play Herself on Nashville, Maddie and Daphne Are Probably Thrilled

Illustration for article titled Kesha to Play Herself on iNashville,/ii /iMaddie and Daphne Are Probably Thrilled

Kesha will make a guest appearance on Nashville, our favorite depressing country-themed night time soap. The season returns from hiatus on Wednesday. Is your DVR as excited as ours?

The embattled singer joins Kelsea Ballerina and Thomas Rhett, the other upcoming guest stars who will also play themselves, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Each will appear on a separate episode, and hopefully will sing their latest tune while gushing over/fighting with Rayna or Juliette.

This is the second television guest spot for the “Timber” singer: she also had a bit part on the recently renewed Jane the Virgin as Jane’s curious neighbor. She also appeared in that Jem and the Holograms remake, but let’s not talk about that.


It’s a touchy time, as we know: Kesha is still fighting a legal battle against her record label boss Dr. Luke, who she accused of sexual assault in 2014. In February, a New York judge denied her request to record music separate from Dr. Luke’s label. Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande have issued statements of support; her fans have protested outside of Sony Music’s office, the parent company of Kemosabe. Last week, The Wrap reported that Sony was cutting ties with Luke—not because of his alleged abuse of Kesha but the bad publicity surrounding it—and Luke’s team denied the split.

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Hey, if Kesha can act a little (heck, even if she can’t), maybe this could be a good second career, while she waits for the legal process to work and/or for her Dr. Luke contract to run out.

She can then record all the songs she’s privately written in the intervening years and have the BIGGEST DAMN COMEBACK EVER.