Kit Harington Plots Against the King In This New BBC One Drama

A teaser for Gunpowder, the BBC One drama based on the treasonous adventures of Guy Fawkes is here, and Kit Harington appears to make a noble effort to make Robert Catesby hot and cool and sexy in it.

Who is Robert Catesby, you ask. He was one of the ringleaders of the so-called Gunpowder Plot of 1605, the failed assassination attempt of King James by a bunch of Catholics. Catesby organized the plan to set off explosives at Westminster Palace, but Fawkes got fingered when found guarding the dangerous materials. Since there’s no Catesby Night, he is a lesser known symbol of rebellion, but Harington has long been aware of him. According to Deadline, Harington is his direct descendant.

While I hate plot lines that center a man’s dead wife as an incitement to violence, there’s no denying that this portrayal of an angry persecuted Catholic is likely to be much sexier than most of us would probably have pictured. Do you think Harington looks like his relative Catesby? What about his butt?

Remember Jon Snow’s Butt/HBO
Remember Jon Snow’s Butt/HBO

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According toDeadline, Harington is his direct descendant.

Harrington has ancestors on both sides and discussed this previously with Andrew Marr. Catesby was an ancestor on his mother’s side. When Catesby was executed his head was paraded on a pike outside Parliament. An ancestor on Kit’s father’s side, John Harington is reported to have said “He’s an ugly fellow, isn’t he!”

The series has been written by Ronan Bennett who gave us Top Boy and Hidden.