Kristen Bell's Characters Love Jokes About Bad Bras

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The trailer for the forthcoming movie Bad Moms, starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, as well as Christina Applegate and Jada Pinkett Smith, dropped this week. It includes a very similar joke to the one seen in the recent Melissa McCarthy film Bell was also in, also released this spring, The Boss.


In the trailer for The Boss, McCarthy’s character is shown critiquing Bell’s choice of bra, for not properly showing off her hooters.

And in the new trailer for Bad Moms, which has its three leads rebelling against world that expects mothers to be perfect, Bell and Hahn’s characters are seen criticizing the “mom bra” worn by Kunis’s character, saying it makes it look like she has “one long boob.”

Seems like a bad bra is the way to easily indicate a character has given up sexually. It’s also a great reminder to get fitted!

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I just wanna say that I’m actually in the Zumba class scene shown in the trailer. Which was filmed at 11:45 at night. :) Movie magic!

(I am way in the back because even though I am 5'10 and 145 pounds, I was the one of the very heaviest people in the scene. Being a movie extra in a scene like this can warp your sense of normal bodies very, very quickly.)