Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper's Hot Oscars Duet Bumped A Star Is Born Back to the Top of the Charts

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Two things can be true at once: 1) ‘Shallow’ is an incredible song that makes my skin stand up every time I hear it, and 2) it is time for A Star Is Born’s sun to set. I am adamant about that last point, as an American whose relationships with family members and beloved longtime friends are now fraught thanks to repeated fights over the film’s merits (I DID NOT LIKE IT.) And yet, I will never be far from the shallow—in fact, the soundtrack is back at number one on the Billboard charts. FINE


Indeed, according to Billboard, thanks in part to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s steamy, yet allegedly platonic performance at the Oscars on February 24 (the album was also on sale for $2.99 on Amazon on Thursday), the A Star Is Born soundtrack topped the Billboard 200 this week. This marks the album’s fourth, albeit nonconsecutive, week at number one—it sat at the top of the charts for three weeks after the film’s release in October, right when everyone discovered “Why Did You Do That” was a secret banger.

Condolences to Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next, which got knocked down to number two in the Star Is Born-aissance. Sorry, Ari, but you can’t compete with this kind of chemistry.


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It’s like 3/4s of a good song.  Ain’t hard/ keeping it so hardcore makes me cringe every time, and it desperately needs another verse.  It just sounds unfinished.