Lady Gaga Is Back and Sad In the 'Million Reasons' Video

Joanne’s having a rough go of it at the moment. After publicly discussing having PTSD as the result of being raped at 19—a hard enough topic to open up about in itself—she was publicly accused by professional troll/scrote-scented numbnut Piers Morgan of lying. In the process of defending herself, she apparently agreed to show up on Morgan’s stupid show, which is hopefully something she feels she wants to do rather than has to, since we believe Gaga as fiercely as we know Piers Morgan to be a primo pea-brained fuckboy with a pathetic, unquenchable thirst for attention.


Anyway, that’s just context: here’s the video for “Million Reasons,” one of the better songs on Joanne, a mournful break-up jam that conjures her called-off engagement with Taylor Kinney whether it’s meant to or not. In the brand new video, she hews to her Stevie Nicks aspirations with a filmic play on the rock-and-roll mythos, attaching imagery of everyday backstage tour preparation to a song of loneliness and isolation, life on the road forever breaking its practitioners. But here, there’s a lovely twist—after she collapses from sorrow in the middle of the desert, the spiritual and visual home of Joanne, her girls surround her and pick her up, cause your friends are who got your back.

It’s all pretty on the nose, but so is having to explain PTSD and sexual assault to a 51-year-old man on the internet.


I’m old and jaded (51) and only two “modern day” singers have ever been able to reduce me to tears: Tori Amos and Amy Winehouse. Gaga now is the third. Yes, I scoffed at her arriving at an awards show in an egg, and the meat dress and brushed her off as another over-produced fame whore. Then I heard her sing live on the Howard Stern Show at 8am with only the piano accompanying her. She did a version of Edge of Glory that had me weeping in the car. Now I’m weeping at the kitchen table with my cat staring at me. She’s the real deal. She’s got a fan for life.