Lady Gaga Just Wants to Get High in Her Grandma's Car (In This Trailer for Her New Documentary)

Photo Netflix
Photo Netflix

Every new bit of information that’s released about Gaga: Five Foot Two inexplicably makes me more excited to see it—strange, for a movie about a pop star that I do not care that much about.


Netflix released a new teaser trailer for the documentary that Gaga herself was teasing on her own Instagram page a few weeks ago and after viewing this brief glimpse into Gaga’s life, I’m all in, even though you still don’t really get a sense of what the movie’s going to be like. There’s Gaga making a joke about smoking a joint in her grandma’s car; there she is getting a tattoo that says “Joanne.” She’s also at the doctor, hugging Donatella Versace backstage at the Super Bowl, and sort of falling off a horse.

The key to a decent documentary about any pop star is that the pop star in question has to have something about them that’s interesting other than the fact that they’re famous. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry didn’t quite pass this bar for me; Gaga is at the very least entertaining and is either very authentic or good at pretending to be. Watching that for the length of an entire movie is preferable to anything else.

Gaga: Five Foot Two will premiere on Netflix and at the Toronto Film Festival September 22.

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I’mma go with “very authentic”. My mom’s a fan after seeing her do an interview, and Mom can smell bullshit at 10 paces.