Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency Has Something for Both the Olds and the Youngs

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Lady Gaga, future Academy Award hopeful, isn’t giving up music just yet. On Tuesday she announced on Twitter that she’s landed a Las Vegas residency, coming in December at the Park Theater.


According to People, Gaga fans can choose between two versions of the show: Lady Enigma, which will be all her pop hits and I can only assume 100 outfit changes, and Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano, which features “stripped-down versions of her songs, as well as music from TheGreat American Songbook.”

This is a pretty smart move for Gaga. The live residencies, for artists like Celine Dion or Rod Stewart, tend to cater to the city’s older crowd. In more recent years, the induction of artists like Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys into the Vegas residency circuit have tried to counteract that and bring in some fresh-faced youngsters ready to gamble away money that should probably go towards their student loan payments. So I suspect that the classic jazz show might appeal to the Olds and the full-blown pop routine might appeal to the Youngs. But you know, I can’t really judge! Maybe your 55-year-old uncle Gary would love to get down to a live rendition of “Alejandro.”


The residency includes 27 shows overall, and tickets for the general public go on sale August 13, assuming the Monsters don’t gobble them up in .0005 seconds.

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If I had the money, I would see both! This woman knows how to put on a damn show. She comes from the cabaret and night club scene with classical training.

I saw her in DC in 2010, and the concert was a glorious spectacle. Not only were the stagecraft, choreography, and costumes impressive, but her voice was arresting in its richness and power.

I hope she releases another album soon too!