Lana Del Rey Is a Friendly Witch Who Lives In the Hollywood Sign In Trailer For Her New Album

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Queen of whispery West Coast brooding Lana Del Rey released a trailer for her upcoming album Lust For Life Wednesday morning, and while the kooky two-point-five-minute clip offers no snippets of the album’s music, it provides a satisfying peek at her latest Lanaesthetic (after 2014's dreary Ultraviolence and 2015's very high and very forgettable Honeymoon), which appears to have been developed by the artist at her most playful and imaginative.

Like the video for her lovely (and sort of thrilling) new single “Love,” this trailer features playful, exaggerated imagery of celestial bodies like our moon and the Milky Way’s countless stars. They hang over her beloved Los Angeles like glowing cardboard cutouts she may or may not be in control of.

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After the camera zooms into the window on the Hollywood sign’s ‘H’ (that’s where she lives now, by the way), we hear Lana discuss her artistic process, which involves getting away from the “real world” so that she can create a better one of her own—likely in the form of a new album. She sits on a desk, playing with a hologram of Earth as an hourglass and chalice spin in mid-air on either side of her. It’s a black & white Love Witch, a Tumblr-ready remake of The Craft, an older millennial’s limited edition monochrome Trapper Keeper. You know, it’s good.

Lust For Life is “coming soon.”

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Masshole James, Unstable Genius

I don’t care for Love, yet, but sometimes it takes a while for me to get into a song. But is anyone else still living for her Born to Die Album? Every song on there was fire and her remixes always take everything to another level.