Laverne Cox Distills the Essence of Sophia in This Jezebel Orange Is the New Black Exclusive

From the moment she appeared in the first season of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, Sophia Burset—played by Laverne Cox—became a fan favorite. Here, in this exclusive clip, Cox explains a small part about what makes the character so special.

“When we meet Sophia in season one, we see this chick who’s kind of sassy, who runs the salon,” Cox explains. “We see her struggling with access to her medication—and we also see this woman who is a wife and a mother and struggling to navigate and negotiate motherhood and love from behind bars.”

She adds, “What I love the most about the first three seasons and Sophia’s evolution is that our show is not afraid to touch on real issues—the fact that Sofia was denied her hormones in prison is something that happens to far too many incarcerated transgender people all over the country.”


This behind-the-scenes look appears alongside many others on the Season 3 Orange Is the New Black DVD and Blu-ray—out May 17.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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She speaks truth. The transgender inmate who was in with Piper Kerman wasn’t allowed hormones, and that’s one of the nicer prisons too. Kerman said it was a little weird because, without the hormones, she smelled like a man, so that was odd to notice sometimes in an all-women inmate populace.