Le French Are Getting Their Own Love Island, Or Should I Say L'Amour Island

The absolutely perfect UK reality TV show Love Island has gone global, bringing its chaos to the U.S. and Australia. But what about les Français, traipsing around in Paris, the city of love? Thankfully, they’re getting a Love Island too.


Variety reports that Amazon has ordered a French version of the show, as well as a bunch of other French originals I simply don’t care about! Since the original Love Island has turned me and millions of people onto weird English slang (it’s fookin’ mint, man) I wonder what the French version will have in store for viewers. And just to rudely stereotype the French based on my experience watching numerous indie dramas about steamy threesomes, how are they going to handle the whole “exist in a couple only” scenario?

For now, I happily await Love Island: Mars.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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As a British person, I’d be really interested to hear what other slang you’ve picked up from Love Island.