Legendary Coiner of Words Wendy Williams Has a New One: 'Cornova'

Wendy Williams, who renamed Dua Lipa “Dula Peep” and Megan Trainor “Megan thee Trainor,” is at it again! And this time her target is somewhere between “coronavirus” and “covid-19.”


On Tuesday’s episode of her eponymous talk show, Williams read out loud a tweet from President Donald Trump that once said, “Don’t be afraid of covid.” But now, thanks to Williams’s interpretation, the tweet will be forever quoted as saying, “Don’t be afraid of cornova.”

Okay, you may be thinking. She misspoke once. Kind of shitty to put her through the ringer for a sole slip, right? Well, keep your face mask fastened. Seconds later, as Williams continued her assessment of Trump’s grave irresponsibility in presenting his illness as no big deal to a vulnerable public, she said, “We are frightened of cornova.”

We are, but linguistic inventiveness we’ll get through this yet. Taken together with President Covidina and Covita, it’s been a fruitful time.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



Watching her on the DVR w/my wife right now...

She was slurring words. Norman had to help her get through parts of it. Neither him nor Susanne wanted to push too hard to correct her and end up getting fired. But it damn near seemed like she was about to pass out again for a minute there. I don’t know if it’s drugs or legit medical problems, but it was definitely odd. As someone who can’t really stand her, or what she does for a living, this is still worrisome just from a human perspective.