Let This Babygirl Teach You How to Fend Off Your Dang Haters

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For “Soy Yo,” Bomba Estereo’s popular single about thriving in tough times, the Colombian band put out a plea to their fans to submit video ideas. The winners were a team of Danish directors whose idea was shot in Brooklyn—the same Latinx area of Williamsburg as CL’s recent one, too—and goddamn, are they ever winners.


The video reflects perfectly the spirit of the song, which include the lyrics “lo único que importa es lo que esta por dentro,” telling you that you’re the only one whose opinions on you matter; this really cool nerdy cutie pie rides her bike around and deflects side-eyes and mean girls by being exactly who she is, deflecting trash attitudes with her own coolio self confidence and hype-ass dance moves. This is the only thing that can make me feel good anymore, I’ve watched it like 34 times.

“Soy Yo” is from Bomba Estéreo’s 2015 album Amanecer, and the group’s kicking off a US tour next week.


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ColOmbian. Sorry, it's a huge pet peeve.