Let Tinashe And Her Wet Look Inspire You to Exercise in the 'Bet' Video

Tinashe took the wet look to another level in her new video for “Bet,” with a snippet of the woozy “Feels Like Vegas” tacked on the end.


Dancing in a downtown Los Angeles tunnel in a grey two-piece and sneakers, the singer made the best use of her night off of the PinkPrint tour, where she’s opening for Nicki Minaj, and other dates. Executing jerky choreography, yoga poses like the bridge and running—just running—down the street, the Stephen Garnett-directed clip is really just a chance to remind fans that her Aquarius and Amethyst albums are still great.

Consider us reminded Tinashe, we’d never forget you girl.

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Me: Man, all that working out and I still can’t dance! What am I doing wrong?

Friend: You’re white.

Me: :’(