The long awaited Avengers: Infinity War trailer has been released, and it’s a lot. It’s got infinity characters. For folks who have sat through every single Marvel film in the franchise, you’ll recognize lots of familiar faces. But you may have trouble remembering their names! Let’s clear things up:

It’s Chris.

There are three Chrises in the Infinity War trailer. All of them are important to the plot. All of them have new facial hair. Two have beards, one has a mustache. One is a human who has superpowers, one is a god, one is half-god and half-human. All have jumped out of planes (probably). All have symbolic weapons associated with their brand: a shield, a hammer, and a walkman. All are white. One has dated Jenny Slate.


Of the three Chrises, none is Jezebel’s Top Chris, Chris Pine, who is trapped in the DC comic book universe. Chris Pine remains the Top Chris in our hearts and minds during this difficult time.

We hope this helped.

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