Let's Celebrate Winston From New Girl's Beautifully Colorful and Patterned Shirts

Once the tertiary man in a threesome (and for awhile foursome) of bumbling dummies living in a loft in Los Angeles (like you do), Lamorne Morris’s Winston has finally found his groove, settling into his job at the LAPD and letting his cat-loving freak flag fly. Along these lines, his style has truly blossomed, as demonstrated by this exhaustive exploration of every excitedly patterned shirt he wore during Season 5 of New Girl, which has its finale Tuesday night.

While Winston has been wearing cool shirts for some time now, they really popped this season, perhaps a decision on the costume designer’s part to juxtapose his boring cop uniform with the kook(ier), at-home side of his personality. Of the New Girl cast, Jessica Day’s clothing might get the most praise and attention, but Winston’s style is frankly the most on-point—and pretty easily accessible.


Episode 1

Sort of a modern take on a Hawaiian shirt, this foreshadowed a long season of love for floral.
Demure yet rich in color.

Episode 2

You’ll note that Winston favors buttoning up all the way to the top, which could look too square, but is tempered by his bright patterns.
He does this in both short and long sleeves.

Episode 3

Especially when standing next to Nick Miller, Winston downright shines.
Normally I might find this t-shirt ugly, but not on him.

Episode 4

Here we’re seeing a move away from florals and into geometric patterns.
A typically understated polo gets a pop. (Semi-related: don’t love that color on Cece.)

Episode 5

Look at that red!

Episode 6

I love this sweater and may try to find it for me.

Episode 7

Oo, a short v-neck.
Pineapples make an appearance—which is fitting, considering his exciting choice of drink.

In Episode 8, we see nothing more than a boring LAPD sweatshirt.

Episode 9

It’s hot out, but Winston is looking cool.
I know this is not technically a shirt, but I do love the colors.

Episode 10


It’s during Episode 10 that Winston makes a profound statement that applies both to his sartorial choices and his outlook on life:

When I look into my suggestion box, it is full. People have a lot to say about how I live my life. But there is only one comment card that I pay attention to. And you know what that card says? It says great job and keep it up. And you know who filled out that card? Me. You know how I know? Because I recognize my mother freakin’ handwriting.


Episode 11 and 12 featured no fancy shirts.

Episode 13

I love these jewel tones.
Simple, yet a nice melding of pinks, blues, browns and grays that (I’m sure purposefully) goes very well with this dull-looking sleeping bag.

Episode 14

Hot damn we’re back!
Oh yeah we are.

Episode 15

You can’t see the detailing on this that well, but there’s a small flower pattern on this tee to the right.
A beauty—perfect for having lunch with your new girlfriend and skeptical friends.

Episode 16

This man truly looks good in all the colors of the rainbow.
You can’t see this shirt that well, but here’s Winston trying to do staid, and still sneaking some pattern in there.

Episode 17

Look at him enjoying life.
Occasionally, Winston will do a chunky sweater. I don’t love it, but I appreciate that he stays true to his nature while doing it.

Episode 18 focused only on Jess and Cece, and Episode 19 featured no shirts of note.


Episode 20

And this is where we left it: with an episode that fully addressed and celebrated Winston’s shirts, as he tries to gift Jess’s boyfriend Sam with “a bird shirt,” only to be rejected.


“It’s a bird shirt,” Winston says. “Nothing says ‘this bird is dope’ like a muther flippin finch am I right.”

You are indeed.

Images via Fox.

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