Let's Get Twisted While Watching Harry Styles Host Saturday Night Live

On November 16, history will be made. Harry Styles is performing on and hosting Saturday Night Live, a show I only pay attention to when boy band-related activity is promised. Naturally, this weekend is a holiday for me and my fellow obsessors. Like, yesterday I walked past 30 or so girls camped out for Harry nearish the NBC building. They’d been there for days, which means some of them chose to lie out on the street for a week in freezing temperatures. I’ve never felt so connected to humanity. I love them, and if they are reading this: I sincerely hope you get in!


Anyway, you could say I’m excited. Here’s a detailed image of how I see the night going:


But I want you to have as much fun as me, and because SNL airs close enough to bedtime/party time, I’ve decided to come up with a fun and fresh drinking game*.

  • Every time Harry smiles from the side of his mouth, take a drink. (A sip. Not a shot, I’m not trying to kill you 15 minutes in.)
  • Whenever Harry licks his lips, drink.
  • Whenever Harry breaks character, drink.
  • If Harry breaks character and launches into uncontrollable giggles, take two drinks.
  • Take two drinks, sips, shots, whatever—whenever there’s an allusion to boy bands and/or One Direction.
  • Take a drink whenever you begin to feel nostalgic for boy bands and/or One Direction.
  • Drink whenever someone references Mick Jagger and/or Fleetwood Mac.
  • If Harry performs a new song (like, newer than “Lights Up”) finish the bottle.
  • Take a shot if Harry and Pete Davidson are forced to interact.

*If you are of drinking age

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