Let's Guess What Drake's New Jungle Film Is About

Illustration for article titled Lets Guess What Drakes New iJungle/i Film Is About

Drake's an emotional guy and on Thursday morning he released a dreamy short film called Jungle. It's unclear what this piece is about other than a look at real and recreated flashbacks of his life in Toronto, strung together with old home videos of him as a kid (above) singing his heart out, then beginning his career as an MC and finally reflecting on how far he's come.


Hopefully this bit of alternative promotion for his forthcoming album Views From The 6—and rumored mixtape?—means some kind of music is coming soon.

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Cabernet Sauvicrunk

Don't get me wrong, I like Drake and I think a lot of what he puts out is great, but sometimes he comes off as the Ross Geller of hip hop.