Screenshot: Lifetime

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry on May 19. But before then, on May 13, Lifetime will release a fictionalized movie about their romance and courtship, and let me tell you, these 20 scintillating seconds look like a lot of fun.

Harry and Meghan: The Royal Love Story appears to have been shot in homage to the Bachelor franchise and was likely thrown together in record time. Twenty seconds is hardly enough time to do much of anything, but I have learned so much from this trailer, released late Friday.

There’s the proposal! There’s Meghan and Harry gazing over a scenic vista in what I imagine is probably Botswana—they’re obsessed with Botswana, they love Botswana. Yas, lingering traces of the Crown’s imperialist past!! Anyway, aside from that, everything looks like what one might expect from a network that was this rude to Prince William’s hairline.


Managing Editor, Jezebel

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