Lil Mama Promotes Condoms & Breakfast In Feel-Good Video for 'Sausage'

Lil Mama is here with a public service announcement: Sausage tastes great, and wrap it up.

The message on “Sausage” is simple: “You better use a condom if you taking that sausage.” As an anthem, it’s both considerably catchy and easily clownable, and the video’s feel-good, oft ridiculous scenes are something only Lil Mama could pull off, on top of the fact that she’s rapping about safe sex over a throwback scratch beat that samples a medley of classics, including Pete Rock/Isaac Hayes’ “Walk on By” and Lil’ Vicious and Doug E. Fresh’s “Freak,” while also tipping a hat to artists like Method Man and Mary J. Blige.


The video starts with Lil Mama exiting a brownstone, immediately feeling herself and catching dance fever. Surrounded by her peoples, she stops to Harlem Shake with a kid who’s feeling it.

Lil Mama then walks down the street spreading her important PSA and her love of dance. Lil Mama hops in a lime green whip and gets the whole neighborhood rapping about sausage and safe sex.

There’s double dutch, the Nae Nae, playground scenes and this incredible outfit that looks like a diaper from the side.


Midway through the video, Lil Mama inexplicably reenacts a scene from Mary J. Blige’s “Not Gon’ Cry” video while singing lyrics from Mary J. Blige’s “Seven Days.”


All that dancing hasn’t tired Lil Mama out yet. It’s nighttime and the party’s still going and now she’s dressed in a summer-fresh painted short set while doing Caribbean inspired choreo and commanding everyone to “look at the way that they hate.”


Someone explain this:


In the end, you come away feeling like this summer will be a great summer and you best stock up on condoms.

The video, of course, ends with a Soul Train line. Because that’s what we do.


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