Listen to Maren Morris's Soulful Cover of Beyoncé's 'All Night'

Country music singer Maren Morris visited DJ Bobby Bones on The Bobby Bones show for #JoyWeek, which commits a week of programming to positivity, whatever that sounds like to you.


“Angel From Montgomery” is an incredibly mournful, haunting meditation on the passing of time; though it doesn’t quite fit the theme, IMO, Morris nails it. She also covered Beyoncé’s “All Night,” a nice departure from the perhaps more obvious choice for a country music star to do some rendition of “Daddy Lessons” when picking a song off Lemonade.


You can listen to the full rendition and Morris’s own tracks, “My Church,” “80s Mercedes,” and “I Could Use a Love Song,” on their recording of the event.

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Not bad. It’s a tough song to sing.

It made me want to listen to this: