Selena Gomez doesn’t exactly have the greatest vocal range. On her most recent hits “Hands to Myself” and “Bad Liar,” she isn’t really singing, she’s just sort of talking. And when she does do some heavy lifting, like on “Same Old Love,” it just sounds like the engineers plugged in writer Charli XCX’s vocals. Some have speculated she might use ghost-singers.

Which, fine! Pop music is like that. But if you were looking for another one of Selena Gomez’s signature vocal Frankensteins, she has a sexxxy new song out. It’s called “Fetish” and is about how her love is someone’s fetish, which sounds like an incorrect usage of the word but whatever. “Got you hooked on my body,” she sings, whisper-enunciating every word. “Take you over and under and twisted up like origami.”

And I like how the video is a close-up of Selena’s mouth because she knows you’re going to have to get very, very, very close-up to even hear her “singing” these days!