Ansel Elgort, a beautiful person and star of the upcoming film Baby Driver, is a do-everything kind of man, so besides deejaying and acting, you should know by now that he’s arguably also a valid musician. On his new joint, “You Can Count On Me,” he sings with a, how can I describe it... a yearning sort of Phantom of the Opera bass, or like a male teen trying to manually overcome his puberty voice. Like someone’s telling you a long story but drawing it out and you keep nodding along. It’s like John Legend but not? I’m saying it’s like, John Legend would probably sound like this if he weren’t a magnificent singer. Which is fine for Ansel! Do your thing.


Logic’s verse advances the tempo for a moment, but there’s no need to rush here, baby. This is meant to be absorbed into your soul slowly, like a sexy batch of ether. “I’ve ’een waiting loooong ti-i-i-ime for love like you-ooo-uuu, yehh/ Goin’ out on the towwnnnn drinking the night away/ But I never found you/ No I did-ent.”

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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