Little Sister Is a Movie About a Goth Nun and You Want to Watch It

Studying to become a nun is probably pretty hard. At least, it appears to be for Addison Timlin’s character in the trailer for Little Sister, the newest indie film from Zach Clark. It gets harder when she’s pulled back into the past—a past filled with Marilyn Manson mixes and blood-spattered baby dolls.


The story follows this sister-in-training as she attempts to reunite with her splintered family after her brother Jacob returns from the Iraq war. Jacob is now playing the drums and has disfiguring burns over his entire face. It isn’t long before Timlin is back in the habit again, dying her hair pink and dancing around in a Dracula cape. The cast features Ally Sheedy as an angry pot-smoking mom, who seems dissatisfied with her daughter no matter what costume she’s wearing. Will this Little Sister get herself back to a nunnery? Guess we’ll find out; the film opens October 14 in New York (Metrograph) and October 28 in Los Angeles (Arena Cinema).

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

first Winona, now Ally Sheedy. Hollywood has rediscovered all my teen 80's crushes