Tyra, Living Doll
Image: AP

Life-Size—the iconic 2000 Disney channel movie starring Tyra Banks as a Barbie-like “Eve” doll that comes to life to help a tween Lindsay Lohan—is getting a sequel. But will Lohan return to star opposite Banks?

The answer is: NO!

On Monday, Banks announced via Instagram that Francia Raisa from Grown-ish will star alongside her in Life-Size 2, which is reportedly a holiday-themed movie for Freeform. Vulture reports that Raisa will play Grace Manning, a CEO of the toy company that manufactures Eve, who comes to life to help Raisa through her quarter-life crisis and to find love again. This makes sense given that anyone who loved the movie as a kid is probably in their late 20s now, aka the age where you’re most in need of a friendly living doll to get your shit together!


I’m excited to see Eve, who can’t even use a computer, struggle to make sense of Twitter, Tinder, Facebook, Bumble, Phones, Lyft, restaurants where you have to order on an iPad, dick pics, and Alexa.