Lizzo Perfectly Captures Last-Call Disorientation in Her Terrific New 'Phone' Video

Those of us who’ve closed the club when management flips on the lights at 4 am will deeply relate to Lizzo’s new single “Phone,” for which the bright and so-real video we’re premiering here. On the minimalist drum track, whose syncopation works perfectly with the voguers she’s got in her video, the Minneapolis boss raps through exactly what happens when you lose your friends and phones at the venue, particularly after some broke-ass dude buys you a crappy drink and you have to walk home in your dang Louboutins. Like, how did I get stuck here? And yet when the likka wears off, you might remember you had the time of your life, just like lovely Lizzo looks like she is with her dancing girlfriends in black leotards and the basement club boys she hangs with mid-duckwalk.


“Phone” is from her forthcoming major-label joint, Coconut Oil, which drops October 7; she’s having a true mainstream moment between that and her spot hosting the new MTV music show Wonderland, which combines live performances with comedy (plus, she co-hosted the VMAs pre-show in a blaze of glory). Amid her success, she’s clearly still the same awesome, powerful rapper that’s garnered such a devoted fanbase over the past few years, quirky and just-herself as ever. Catch her on tour this week in Chicago and select dates in Austin through early October. Just catch her!

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I love Lizzo. I listen to “Feeling Good” like at least once a day— it’s a great sing-along car song.

PSA: Download the first episode of the podcast Sooo Many White Guys, with Phoebe Robinson (also of “Two Dope Queens,” which starts its second season tomorrow!) because the guest is Lizzo, and it’s a really awesome and interesting interview. After you listen to that episode, you’ll probably want to listen to the whole season, because it’s filled with really great interviews and conversations. Besides Lizzo, other guests include Hasan Minhaj, Constance Wu, Roxanne Gay, Janet Mock. It’s really great, check it out.