Lizzo Says a 'Racist Bigot' Festival Security Guard Attacked Members of Her Team

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On Thursday night, Lizzo tweeted that shortly after performing at Summerfest in Milwaukee a security guard tackled members of her team.


Lizzo wrote that she would be filing a complaint with Summerfest and that “Racism and bigotry don’t care if you’re a headliner.” The festival replied with the statement:

Lizzo gave an incredible performance which she now feels is tarnished by events which occurred during the performance. We do not tolerate racism in any form. We will conduct a thorough investigation. We have an experienced crowd management staff who strive to protect performers & fans. While there may be challenges during a performance, we expect those challenges to be handled professionally & respectfully. If those standards were not met, we will take appropriate action.


This isn’t the first time a headlining artist has been subjected to violent racism on behalf of people working a music festival. When Dev Hynes performed at Lollapalooza in 2014, he was assaulted by security guards who had been privately hired for the stage, all while wearing a shirt dedicated to Eric Garner, Jordan Davis, and Trayvon Martin. After Lido Pimienta reconfigured her audience at 2017's Halifax Music Festival to bring women of color to the front, a white volunteer with the event interrupted her set, angrily refusing to step to the back. And just a few months ago, Stormzy pulled out of the Austrian festival Snowbombing because security targeted him and his team after they thought they were carrying weapons.

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My wife was at the festival, and I guarantee you a big reason for this was they had her on a side stage, apparently 15,000 people went to her show (most average a couple thousand), and the security there is a bunch of rando temp personnel. I knew this show was going to be trouble once she blew up in pop culture. Doesn’t excuse any of the behavior.