Look for Bristol Palin on the Next Season of MTV's Teen Mom OG

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On Thursday, TMZ broke the news that Bristol Palin—who has been famous for being pregnant at a young age since, oh, 2008—plans to join the cast of MTV’s Teen Mom OG. Production sources told TMZ that Sarah Palin’s daughter has agreed to be a regular on the show.


Bristol has appeared on a number of reality TV shows including Dancing With the Stars in 2010 (she came in third!) and the franchise’s all-star edition in 2012. Additionally, Palin once had a series all to herself on Lifetime called Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp. This show aired for one season in 2012, and “Tripp” refers to her son, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston-Palin, with whom Palin became pregnant during her mother’s 2008 bid for the vice presidency.

 TMZ speculated that Palin is “helping to fill the void” left by Farrah Abraham, who sued MTV’s parent company, Viacom (and settled for an undisclosed amount), over claims she was fired for working in the adult entertainment industry. Kailyn Lowry, who starred on Teen Mom 2, wrote on Twitter that she was surprised by the decision to welcome Palin into the Teen Mom fold.

Palin has three children and is in the process of divorcing her husband, Dakota Meyer.


MTV has yet to comment on the news, but Variety did confirm it with a source. Teen Mom OG is expected to air this fall.

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I had forgotten she existed. I miss those days.

That’s just too many name for one person to have. I know that’s super judgemental, and there are people out there with even more names than this kid. But as soon as he can he should pare that shit down. Tripp is an awful name. Palin too. And Easton, too close to Bret Easton Ellis, it’s gotta go. That just leaves Mitchell Johnston. I guess it is the best of the bunch, but he’d probably be better off starting over from scratch.