Looks Like High-Stakes Marital Drama in Netflix's Queen Elizabeth Series, The Crown

Netflix has dropped a trailer for its series about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth, and it looks pretty good, frankly, as well as downright sumptuous.

Seems like they’ll be covering ol’ Eddie and Wallis, as well as Elizabeth and Philip’s process, early on, of hashing out how to be a married couple in the 1950s when the wife was also the sovereign. (As well as his figuring out what precisely his job was.) Plus the bigger question that has dominated Queen Elizabeth’s reign: What does royalty even do in this day and age?

Anyway, Claire Foy looks regal and luminous, John Lithgow looks absurd but Churchill-ish, and Matt Smith has somehow managed to look weirdly like Prince Philip from certain angles. Didn’t see that one coming.


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I will watch this SO HARD but

but but but

do broadcasting shows/biopics while the subject is still alive squick anyone out, just a little?