Have you ever wondered what Lorde does on vacation? In her new video for “Perfect Places” she doesn’t go to an all-inclusive resort, that’s for sure.

Here’s what Lorde does on vacation, if we’re using this video as a blueprint:

  • Swing machetes in a field, alone
  • Do a workout on the beach in a floor-length gown, alone
  • Frolic around a bonfire, alone
  • Chill by waterfalls, alone
  • Eat a luxurious meal, alone
  • Shoot down fruit from trees to survive... wait, is Lorde stuck on this island?
  • No seriously is she stranded?
  • Oh, wait, there’s electricity on the island because she’s dancing with that lightbulb
  • Or what if the lightbulb is her only friend? Sort of like how Tom Hanks had “WILSON!!!!” in Castaway
  • God that is a big fire. Maybe this isn’t a vacation. Maybe she’s signaling for help?
  • Nah she’s fine, this bitch has a boat.

Lorde, please bring me with you next time, thanks!