Lorde's Vacation Is Full Of Waterfalls, Glamorous Dinners, and Machetes in the 'Perfect Places' Video

Have you ever wondered what Lorde does on vacation? In her new video for “Perfect Places” she doesn’t go to an all-inclusive resort, that’s for sure.

Here’s what Lorde does on vacation, if we’re using this video as a blueprint:

  • Swing machetes in a field, alone
  • Do a workout on the beach in a floor-length gown, alone
  • Frolic around a bonfire, alone
  • Chill by waterfalls, alone
  • Eat a luxurious meal, alone
  • Shoot down fruit from trees to survive... wait, is Lorde stuck on this island?
  • No seriously is she stranded?
  • Oh, wait, there’s electricity on the island because she’s dancing with that lightbulb
  • Or what if the lightbulb is her only friend? Sort of like how Tom Hanks had “WILSON!!!!” in Castaway
  • God that is a big fire. Maybe this isn’t a vacation. Maybe she’s signaling for help?
  • Nah she’s fine, this bitch has a boat.

Lorde, please bring me with you next time, thanks!


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