Love Is Dead

Netflix has released the trailer for the third season of its rom-com Love, which is appropriate for St. Valentine’s Day. Less appropriate: Love is cancelled.


Vulture reported that this would be the end of the show in December of 2017, but I didn’t notice because I stopped watching long before now. I don’t regret the decision because, from the trailer, it looks like Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust are still two people trying to force a relationship even though they have zero chemistry and every interaction seems fairly hellish. Rust’s hair has improved.

There is also going to be a cameo from Vanessa Bayer, playing an ex of Rust’s very relatably—I, too, would freak out if an old flame dated Gillian Jacobs. There are some charming moments in the series from what i remember, but mostly it’s hard to believe so many mega-hot women would be desperate to date this dopey, insecure man-bird who lies and is controlling at magic shows. But then again, we’ve all dated someone like that, haven’t we? The end of Love begins on March 29.

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