Lush Is My Favorite '90s Shoegaze Band So I'm Thoroughly Enjoying This Frankie Rose Song

Lush was one of the best bands of the 1990s, and certainly the best shoegaze band of that era. Led by inimitable fire-engine-redhead Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson, whose harmonies blended into an iridescent synesthetic wonder world, they powered through four full-lengths from ‘89 to ‘96, pioneering ways one could make two guitars and a bass sound like fifty of them (mainly through tons of effects pedals).

“Dyson Sphere,” the new track by Brooklyn-based musician Frankie Rose, takes that template and runs with it, flowing into those layered dramatics and writing a vocal melody/harmony that could’ve fit halfway through Lush’s ‘92 album Spooky (most specifically: “Superblast!,” an awesome song). The harmonic palette isn’t necessarily much different from Rose’s previous album, 2013's Herein Wild, but the approach on “Dyson Sphere” feels much darker, more ponderous—perhaps a side effect of her stated stint of listening to late-night Art Bell broadcasts. The other songs from her forthcoming album, Cage Tropical, are quite different from “Dyson Sphere” (is this about a high-end vacuum?) so it should be interesting to hear how she’s revamped her style.


Cage Tropical is out August 11; in the meantime, watch the “Dyson Sphere” video above (via Stereogum), apparently shot during an air quality alert.

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