Margot Robbie Does Tonya Harding Justice in the I, Tonya Trailer

There she is—Tonya Harding. Image: 30West

Ye of little faith who had doubts that Margot Robbie, an Australian ingenue who claims that she is 26, could embody the irascible and heavily-eyeliner-ed Tonya Harding, prepare to eat your words: the trailer for I, Tonya looks good as hell.

There’s Margot Robbie, with teased bangs leaning moodily against a cement wall in the dark, stubbing a cigarette out with her ice skate. There are some disembodied feet skating backwards—Margot? Her body double? Blink and you’ll miss Allison Janney as Tonya’s mother, wearing a delightful wig, smoking a cigarette and staring hard into a TV. Here, let me show you.


Notably absent from this teaser is Nancy Kerrigan, but that’s probably because the movie is called I, Tonya and not I, Tonya, and Nancy Kerrigan, My Competitor Who Suffered a Grievous Injury That I Am Maybe Responsible For. That’s a different movie and has already been covered quite nicely in the 30 for 30 documentary, Price of Gold. Deadline says this thing is a “dark comedy,” but the only thing I’m laughing about currently is Allison Janney’s wig and Margot’s over-the-top Oregon-adjacent accent.

There’s no release date as of yet, but I will be buying tickets as soon as I’m able and will camp out at the theatre cosplaying Jeff Gilooly. I can’t wait.

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