Mariah Carey and Jussie Smollett Sounded Amazing Duetting on Empire Last Night

Mariah Carey made her much-ballyhooed appearance on Empire Wednesday night, as a singer named Kitty (Lambs be damned, but we still know it’s Mimi) brought in to record with Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett). Because Mariah is never not Mariah, in the studio scene she wore a leotard and tights (y not?) while they sang an appropriately gossamer balled called “Infamous,” which is now my favorite song. (It also sounds melodically similar to “More Than a Woman” by Angie Stone and Calvin Richardson, which was one of my favorite songs in 2001.)


Jamal was supposedly zooted out of his mind on painkillers in this scene, which you can only really surmise because of the sweating, but then being around “Kitty” surely has somewhat of a pacifying effect on anyone. The slow groove and lollipop counter rhythms are soothing enough, too. Imagine if Mariah were on all of your favorite TV shows? I’m lobbying for a Westworld cameo next.

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I also liked the see-through gown she wore to rehearse with her band.