Here’s the storyboard for Mariah Carey’s “Infinity” video: I am unbothered.

If the point of this video is to show Mariah Carey hamming it up in the lap of luxury in Las Vegas while being completely dismissive about the ex who’s the subject of this song and who lost out on the best he ever had, then...point taken.

It’s just Mariah gawking at the Vegas skyline from her high-rise rooftop. Just Mariah chilling with her gowns in a massive walk-in closet.

Just Mariah surfing a dating site from the sofa while wearing a gown.


That’s just Tyson Beckford arriving at her door in a bowtie.

Just Jussie Smollett gifting her with a puppy in a tutu (the puppy).


Just Mariah completely forgetting about you.


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