Maura Pfefferman Gets High as Hell in Transparent Season 4 Teaser

The Pfeffermans are back, baby, and if this brief but still resplendent teaser—via Deadline— for the fourth season of Transparent is any indication, they are stronger and better than ever.


Everyone looks... happy, or at least happy enough. Shelly (Judith Light) has discovered lightweight down vests and acting classes—perhaps inspired by her star turn in last season’s finale that culminated with that knockout performance of “Hand In My Pocket.” Josh is still Josh, but that won’t ever change. And Maura, bless her, discovers edibles. “It’s medical marijuana,” Ali Pfefferman (Gaby Hoffman) says, “all in this delicious, cute little gummy bear.” Maura takes one look and pops the entire thing in her mouth. Bold, but I respect it.

The brief bits and bobs in the trailer really do look to be the same old Pfeffermans, but I’ll take it! I love them! I love this show! “Family is gross, but it’s important,” Sarah (Amy Landecker) says near the end, gazing out at some gorgeous vista with her siblings, weed gummy in hand: a perfect summary of a really nice little show.


No word yet on when the new episodes will air, but not soon enough, I say.

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i adore this show and i’m not sure exactly how they’ll fit her in, but gimme some more Kathryn Hahn anyday.