Harry Styles’s video for “Kiwi” opens with a note: “No children or animals were harmed during the making of this film.” But the video gives no consideration to the dozens of sweets that were desecrated.

Yes, the kids got to rock out and have a food fight while wearing cool vintage clothing, but it was at the cost of delicious baked goods, which appear to be real because toward the end of the video, Harry Styles barges in with an armful of puppies who assume the duty of licking up the scraps left by these messy, dramatic children.

The video first teases a spread of frosted, sugared cakes, cupcakes and pastries. All the good stuff.


A pile of them on the floor not being eaten, just stared at.

Whatever that purple pastry is, it looks great—and edible. The sprinkle ball thing, too.


What is he going to do with that? Eat it, I hope.


She’s going to eat those, right?

This is perfect. Food that’s meant to be eaten.


Shield your eyes. The forthcoming destruction is hard to watch.




Harry finally arrives.


And yeah, my thoughts exactly.

“I just wanted ONE cupcake! 😩😩”