Megan Fox Is Hosting a Show About Archaeology for the Travel Channel

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*Takes out sexy reading glasses, places them midway down nose* Megan Fox is hosting a show about archaeology.


When Fox announced her intentions in June of 2016 to move away from acting to focus more on “alternative history, antiquities, [and] archaeology,” she was incredibly serious. On Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly interviewed the star about her new series Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox, which debuts on the Travel Channel on December 4. In the first episode, Fox will teach us about female Viking warriors. Later, she will visit Stonehenge.

OK, look, Megan knows this isn’t what the public is expecting of her, but she says “this is something I’m genuinely passionate about…depending on which topic and which thing we’re discussing, I can be quite knowledgeable on archaeology and antiquities.”

There’s also some stuff in the interview about Fox’s experience with travel:

“I’ve traveled before, just shooting—we shot the second Transformers at the Great Pyramids in Giza, and we also were at the Temple Karnak in Luxor—so I’ve traveled and seen some of this stuff, which planted seeds along the way of things that felt like places I need to go back to or sparked interest.”

More like Legends of the Most, am I right?

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I’m tentatively here for this. Having worked on several archaeological excavations before deciding it wasn’t for me and going in a completely different career direction, I’m always waiting for a TV show that really gets into the boring, unsexy day-to-day work of digging. Like, you stood bent over double in the hot sun for eight hours just moving dirt— if it was a good day maybe you found a potsherd, maybe an entirely unremarkable coin, maybe a small dog’s lower jawbone wedged into the wall of a Byzantine house (true story!). Maybe you excavated someone’s toilet-hole or abandoned well or garbage dump. It’s not all fancy tombs and priceless artifacts— actually it’s pretty much never that.

Really, though, an archaeological excavation would make for great reality TV—I’ve never in my life experienced such over-the-top drama as the kind created by a bunch of Classics nerds who have nothing to do but get drunk and sleep with each other.