Given the history of celebrity perfumes, itā€™s highly unlikely that pop star Melanie Martinezā€™s Cry Baby Perfume Milk will smell like anything more complicated than cotton candy, shopping malls and hormones, but after watching the commercial I can tell you that ya got me, Melanie. I want it. Now.

Tears and dolls and slightly twisted impulses are part of Melanieā€™s personaā€”like a Mark Ryden work come to lifeā€”so the fact that her perfume purports to transform your sorrows into a living embodiment of Harley Quinn is right in line with that. (Her international Cry Baby Tour has been largely sold out.) Also, it comes in a baby bottle, so now I know what Iā€™m getting Jia for Christmas. (Shh, donā€™t tell her. I want it to be a surprise.)

As Idolator points out, the notes of the fragrance are quite complex:

Sweet and nostalgic, Cry Baby Perfume Milk captures the spirit of the girl who is playfully innocent, but conceals an irreverent edge. The first impression is a complicity of dark fruity notes, while strawberry milk and a lipstick accord are layered to contrast the dark fruits. The heart of, Cry Baby Perfume Milk invites you to experience innocent darkness while Melanieā€™s childhood memories are evoked through a soft, nostalgic baby lotion accord. Feminine yet mischievous and unapologetic, the base of the fragrance is wrapped in a sweet layer of burnt caramel complimented by a blend of sinister woods.

My favorite part about thisā€”aside from the fact that it warns that it is ā€œNot for Consumptionā€ (cause, you know, itā€™s in a baby bottle)ā€”is that one of the top notes is ā€œlipstick accord,ā€ which I guess means it sort of smells like waxy Baby Magic? One hundred percent in, fam. Buying this for me and everyone I know. Thanks Melanie!