Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish Become Mobsters in The Kitchen, Which Is Definitely Not a Comedy

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Tiffany Haddish? One of the funniest women alive. Melissa McCarthy? Also extremely funny, though she can play it serious on occasion. Elisabeth Moss? Deathly serious, almost all the time. Throw them into a ’70s-era movie where they must become New York City mobsters to pay the bills and you get a *checks notes* drama?


Yes, The Kitchen is a drama, and those who enjoyed Widows should probably pay attention to it. McCarthy, Haddish, and Moss play wives of Irish mobsters who land in jail and to make a little more money (or a lot more, judging by the piles of cash in the trailer) the women grab some guns and each other and take over the crime family. “Just to be clear, now we run this neighborhood,” McCarthy says.

Expect a lot of polyester, heavy Brooklyn accents, and gritty New Yaaaawk. The movie hits theaters September 20.

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Sorry, isn’t this the exact plot of the TV show Good Girls? But replace mobsters with robbers?