Illustration by Angelica Alzona/GMG

Hey loser, get in, we’re going mythical creature shopping.

We’re continuing our journey to figure out what the next mythical creature to take over beauty is and the results from yesterday are IN.

Here’s what’s up in the Monster division: Gorgon (8) beat the Lockness Monster (9) because you all love some snake hair and Babadook (12), LGBTQ icon, beat FrankenWOMAN (5). The vanilla Mummy (4) beat the kinky Hellraiser Cenobites (13) and there was no love for Bigfoot/Yeti (6) as Demon (11) beat it by 62 percent more votes. Vampires (3) took the lead in the race against the Shark from Jaws (14) and in an incredibly surprising twist you freaks like Dragons (10) way, way more than Werewomen (7). But we forgive you because the Lady Gremlin (15) beat Zombies (2).

Now over to our grab bag, the Miscellaneous category, where there was a very close race between Angel (8) and Dinosaur (9), with the latter winning. Gasp! Golem (12) crushed the Jersey Devil (5) and Robots (4) beat Slimer (12) by 72 percent. And clearly you’re all tired of Unicorn (11) because La Llorona (6) killed ‘em. You also prefer Aliens (3) to Pikachu (14), Goddesses (7) to Superheros (10) and Ghosts (2) versus the Smoke Monster from Lost (15).


So this is what our lovely bracket looks like at the moment:

And now we’re on to voting in Round 4! And quick correction: an earlier version of this post said that the Hag (11) and the Ugly Duckling (13) had moved forward. That was incorrect! So we’ve changed those two polls here and will give you three more hours to vote this round.

In the Creature Division we have:

The Sssnake (1) vs. the Kelpie (9), the dear water spirit that can be a horse and a human.


We have the creepy Succubus (5) vs. the adorable Fiona the Hippo (13)


This irreverent pairing of the Sphinx (6) vs. Narwhal (14)

And the seal-turned-human Selkie (7) vs. the half-bird, half-woman creature the Harpy (2)


In the Fairy Tale division we have:

Fairy (1) vs. Satyr (9). So, wings or hooves?


The Leprechaun (12) vs. Elves (4).

The Siren (6) vs. Frog Princess (14) who is really just a cool frog.


And the Gingerbread Woman (1) vs. the sexy Nymph (2)

In the spooky corner, the Monsters, we got:

The great Baba Yaga (1) vs. the snake-haired Gorgon (8)


The Babadook (12) vs. the Mummy (4).

This one is hard: Demon (11) vs. Vampire (3)???


And Dragon (10) vs. The Lady Gremlin (15) both are scaley and may destroy you! Yay!

And in Miscellaneous we have:

Our future, the human-esque Cyborg (1), vs. our past, the Dinosaur (9).


The muddy Golem (12) vs. Robot (4) which we’d categorize as more of like...Hal from 2001 Space Odyssey.

We have chilling, crying folk heroine Llorona (6) vs. Alien (3).


And Goddesses (7) vs. Ghosts (2).

You have until tomorrow to vote!