Merry Christmas, From the Mother of Dragons

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In summer 2018, a writer named Bryony Kimmings said she’d written a screenplay for a movie inspired by a holiday song I personally never tire of: Wham!’s 1984 smash, “Last Christmas.” Today, that movie gets a trailer. And guess what? It appears to be a very, very heterosexual rom-com. Someone call George Michael, please. He did share previously unreleased music for this thing, right?


In three minutes, Emilia Clarke (the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, on Game of Thrones) is a down on her luck singer, working a dead-end job at a Christmas shop. (So.... Zooey Deschanel in Elf? She even has dyed blonde hair?) She meets Henry Golding and they fall in love. He turns her life around and rids her of her charming cynicism. She opens up about her illness, and he accepts her as she is. Also, Emma Thompson is her mom. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones before, but I’ve seen the memes, and man, does Clarke have some expressive eyebrows. Are they always like that? I’m losing my train of thought. The movie seems cute, but not particularly memorable, which is how I like my Xmas flicks.

Last Christmas hits theaters November 8. I look forward to watching it on a plane in Spring 2020.

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Foxtrot Echo

Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows are a wonder. But, she’s 30-ish, with a very mobile forehead and she’s starting to show the inevitable lines that come with that. I wonder how long she’ll hold out against the Hollywood pressure to botox them into submission. My forehead lines and I are rooting for you, Emilia!

Also, this film looks average. Will probably fall asleep in front of it instead of talking to my family this Christmas.